Billing Options

Paperless Billing

Give the environment a hand and help the cooperative hold down costs by signing up for Paperless Billing.

To sign up for Paperless Billing:

  1. Click here to log into SmartHub.
  2. Click "My Profile" and "Update My Printed Bill Settings".
  3. Move the "Printed Bill Status" to OFF on the right side of the page.

Budget Billing

The cooperative offers Budget Billing to help "level" out your monthly electric bills.

The variable payment plan works by averaging your current revenue and your most recent 11 months’ revenue history. Your monthly bill will be a result of this average and the current rates. Each month a new average is calculated to determine your variable bill. 

To qualify, your account must have a zero balance ($0) at the time you go on the plan. Accounts must be residential.

Click here to sign up for Budget Billing.