Board of Trustees

The service area of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. is divided into nine districts, each represented by a democratically elected trustee. The nine board members reside in the district he/she represents. Board members are elected by the members of the cooperative for a three-year term. Voting takes place online and by mail before the cooperative's Annual Meeting in April.

Voting now live for board of trustees

Members can vote for trustees online, by mail or through SmartHub. These voting options ensure that all members have a voice in the democratic process of their cooperative. Ballots were mailed to all members on Monday, March 30.Included with the ballot were instructions on how to vote, board candidate information and a postage-paid return envelope. Voting began on Monday, March 30 and votes will be accepted through Tuesday, April 28. Your vote is completely confidential.

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David Evans, Secretary

District 1
Israel & Oxford Townships

Email David Evans

Phone Number:

Jim Meador

District 2
Milford Township

Email Jim Meador

Phone Number:

Thomas McQuiston, President

District 3
Somers Township

Email Thomas McQuiston

Phone Number:

Jay Hasbrook

District 4
Gratis and German Townships

Email Jay Hasbrook

Phone Number:

Bob Hoelle, Vice President

District 5
Wayne and Madison Townships

Email Bob Hoelle

Phone Number:

Ronald Kolb

District 6
Reily Township

Email Ronald Kolb

Phone Number:

Michael Tilton

District 7
Hanover & St. Clair Townships

Email Michael Tilton

Phone Number:

Robert Spaeth

District 8
Morgan & Harrison Townships

Email Robert Spaeth

Phone Number:

William (Butch) Foster Jr.

District 9
Ross, Fairfield, Crosby and Colerain Townships

Email William (Butch) Foster Jr.

Phone Number: