Capital Credits FAQs

Below are common questions and answers to our Capital Credits process. If your question isn't answer below, feel free to contact us.

Click here for a brochure about Capital Credits.

Q. Why do I receive Capital Credits?

A. As a member of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, you are also an owner. The cooperative is a not-for-profit utility company, so margins are paid back to members as the board of trustees sees fit. It is another benefit of being a member of your local electric cooperative.

Q. What if someone is deceased and they have Capital Credits in their name?

A. If a loved one is deceased and has money in his/her capital credits account, the cooperative will pay out the account in full, resulting in a check written to “The Estate of (late member).” For more information on Capital Credits Estates, please click here.

Q. I am moving out of the cooperative’s territory, will I still receive a Capital Credits check?

A. Yes. Regardless of whether you are a current member or not, all of the money in your capital credit account belongs to you. Please keep your current mailing address up to date, so you can be paid what is owed to you.

Q. Can I have all of the money in my account now?

A. No, funds are paid out over a period of time.

Q. When will I get my Capital Credits check this year?

A. Checks are mailed in November. In October, current members will have the option of applying the retired amount to their electric bill.

Q. How does the Butler Rural Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees decide whether or not Capital Credits are paid back?

A. The board of trustees will examine the current financial state of the cooperative and keep future needs in mind. Margins are decided upon and returned to members after the cooperative’s operational responsibilities have been met.

Q. On my Capital Credit statement I see that I am paid back Capital Credits from other cooperatives and from our G&T (generation and transmission) cooperative, why is that?

A. As a member-owner of the cooperative, you also own a portion of other cooperatives. Butler Rural Electric Cooperative is a member-owner of Buckeye Power, our power plant near Brilliant, Ohio. We pay you the margins that Buckeye Power sends back to us because Buckeye Power is a cooperative. Also, other cooperatives such as UUS (United Utility Supply) and NRTC (National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative) pay back margins that are owed to you as a member-owner.