COVID-19 has brought many changes to our communities, affecting the way we live, work and interact. Throughout these changes, one thing has remained constant – our commitment to serve you and your energy needs in a safe manner. We are one of the many essential services responding to the national emergency, and our employees are working for you. Our linemen are ensuring our members, communities and businesses have the power they need. Please avoid approaching our linemen or any cooperative employee if you see them working.If there is a need to speak with them, be aware that they will maintain at least 6 feet of separation.

In these difficult times, members of our community who might have once seemed ordinary are now cast in a different light. We see the health care professionals and first responders as heroes on the front lines of this crisis. And we see those who are vital to our daily lives— grocery store workers, truck drivers, postal workers, utility workers, farmers, janitors and so many more — with a new appreciation. Our thoughts and prayers are also with those impacted by this terrible virus.

Click here for the Member Update sent April 10.

Your cooperative is here for you

We understand some members may be facing unusual financial hardships due to the pandemic, and your cooperative is here to help. Service disconnections and late fees have been temporarily suspended. The cooperative will continue to read meters and send bills.We do not know when disconnections and late fees will resume. We encourage members to pay what they can to avoid building a large balance that will be difficult to pay later. While disconnections and late fees have been temporarily suspended, they will resume at some point in the future. Any balance that is accumulated during this time will not be waived due to the pandemic.
Butler Rural Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit organization. Because we are a cooperative, costs are shared among all members we serve and the money to cover day-to-day operating expenses comes directly from members paying monthly electric bills.

As of March 16, 2020, the below changes are in effect until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Office closed

Our office is closed to visitors. All business will be conducted via our office drop box, phone or through SmartHub. Check payments may be sent as normal through the mail.

  • Payments and papers can be placed in the drop box at our office. Cash payments must be placed in the envelopes provided and must include the name, service address and phone number on the account. Cash payments needing change will be credited to the account.
  • If you need access to the office, like to pick up a water heater or meter base, please call our office.
  • To start electric service, call our office or click here.
  • To stop electric service, call our office or click here.

Billing and financial hardship

We understand some members may be facing unusual financial hardships. We will not disconnect any service for nonpayment and will not charge late fees. We will continue to read meters and send bills. We do not know when disconnections and late fees will resume and encourage members to pay what they can to avoid building a large balance that will be difficult to pay later. If you need assistance with your electric bill, please click here.

Annual meeting

The Annual Meeting on April 30th is cancelled.

We invite you to view a special meeting video on Thursday, April 30 at 1 p.m. here on our website or on our Facebook page.

During the video, the results of the 2020 board of trustee election will be announced. We will also announce bill credit winners. The bill credit winners will be randomly selected from the entire cooperative membership. You do not have to view the video to be eligible to win a bill credit. All winners will be notified by mail if they receive a bill credit. If you do not have access to Facebook, the special meeting video will be added to our website after the meeting.

Voting is now live for the board of trustees. Click here for more information.

Workplace practices

Work inside members' homes will be limited to emergency work only. Any non-emergency water heater installations or other installations/work will be postponed. For emergency work, employees will be maintaining a safe distance and using enhanced protective wear. In-person meetings and travel has been cancelled or postponed, if possible.

Monitor your energy use

If you and/or your family are spending more time at home, you may be using the computer, watching TV, cooking and keeping the lights on more than you usually do. This could result in your next electric bill being higher than normal. Make sure to monitor your energy use through SmartHub and click here for information and ways to save energy.

Be on the lookout for scams

Members should be on the lookout for suspicious emails, phone calls or persons impersonating business employees or charitable organizations. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of opportunities such as this when households are otherwise preoccupied. If you get a call from someone claiming to represent Butler Rural Electric Cooperative and they make threats or demand immediate payment, hang up and call the cooperative or the police department.

Resource and supply chain planning

We are proactively taking steps to help ensure the stability and continuity of our operations, including resource and supply chain planning. Delivering reliable power is our responsibility – and our commitment to you. As this situation develops, we will continue to evaluate and adapt our business continuity plans to meet this commitment.

Family Day and summer events

We are monitoring the status of our many summer events and are following CDC guidelines for future meetings and events. We will keep members updated as more information becomes available.

COVID-19 resources

We’re closely monitoring this extremely fluid situation with guidance from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and from our industry peers and government agencies. Follow all precautions advised by your state health department or local emergency management agency.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ohio Department of Health