Generation Mix

In addition to coal, Butler Rural Electric Cooperative's generation mix comes from a variety of renewal energy sources in and out of the state. Renewable energy accounts for around 5% of our total generation portfolio.

  • Wind- 30 MW of capacity from the Story County Wind Energy Center in Story County, Iowa.
  • BioMass- 3 MW from agricultural projects in Ohio. This is electricity generated from animal waste anaerobic digester systems at the 3,900-cow Bridgewater Dairy in Williams County and the 600,000-laying hen Wenning Poultry farm near Fort Recovery. Bacteria break down manure to produce methane gas used to fuel engine-and-generator sets.
  • BioMass- 6.4 MW from the Suburban Regional Landfill near Brownsville, Ohio. The landfill methane generation facility is owned and operated by Waste Management, Inc.
  • Hydro- 55-MW entitlement from the New York Power Authority (NYPA). This attractively priced hydroelectric power was added in 2004. NYPA is the largest state-owned power organization in the nation and a nonprofit provider of generation to electric cooperatives, community-owned electric systems and private utilities. This power is primarily from the Niagara (90 percent) and St. Lawrence rivers.