How to Apply for a Community Connection Grant

The maximum grant amount is $5,000. However, no request is too small. You may have additional pages with the application. Please do not exceed five pages. Please provide six copies of the application and any supporting material (up to five pages total).

  • Include a list of the itemized costs for the project. A portion of the amount requested may be awarded if the Community Connection board of trustees choose not to fund the entire grant.
  • If you are requesting a specific type of equipment, include a picture or description of the item. Many groups include advertisements from vendors that list the price and description of the item they need. This will not commit you to a specific vendor.
  • Grants for Apple devices must be purchased by your organization or grant recipient. Butler Rural Community Connection will directly reimburse your organization or the purchaser.
  • The Community Connection board of trustees reviews all applications.
  • Funds are awarded in September and March of each year. The meeting date is posted on the cooperative's website as soon as it is decided. You will be contacted by letter after the meeting. The grant winners are also posted on the cooperative's website.

Click here to download the Community Connection application.

Next Application Deadline

The Community Connection fall application deadline is August 31, 2017. If your application is submitted after the deadline, it will be reviewed by the board at the subsequent meeting. 

Grants will be awarded on September 20, 2017 and winners will be posted here by September 21.

Questions about Community Connection can be directed to:

Lisa Staggs Herrmann, Manager of Member and Community Relations
[email protected]