Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is produced from sources that are constantly replenished and will never run out. Renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, and sustainable biomass use technologies to convert this energy into electricity. These renewable energy technologies are often described as “clean” or “green” because they produce few or no pollutants. The cooperative has taken steps to provide members with green energy to help protect our environment.

Looking into renewable energy for your home?

  1. Read the cooperative's Distributed Generation Manual (updated 1/1/18).
  2. Check with your homeowners insurance company to ensure your policy will cover any damage that could be done to your home or to the cooperative's electric system by the distributed generation system.
  3. Visit Green Energy Ohio's website here for more information on sustainable energy in Ohio. Butler Rural Electric Cooperative is a business member of Green Energy Ohio.
  4. Visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's website here for information on new, clean technologies and integrated energy systems.
  5. If you're involved in agriculture or farming, visit Ohio State University Extension's website here to learn more about ways to save money through energy efficiency and renewable energy practices.

Butler Rural Community Solar

Butler Rural Community Solar allows members to purchase subscriptions to solar panels at a local solar array. The array will be located on the corner of Lanes Mill and Stillwell Beckett roads across from the cooperative’s office. Construction for the 228 panel array is expected to begin in December 2016 and will take about three weeks to complete. Butler Rural Community Solar will provide a local power source, which allows members to have more control over a portion of their power supply. Generating energy with solar power creates no pollution or carbon dioxide emissions and is a clean, renewable, and sustainable alternative energy source.

  • Members of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative can subscribe to up to five solar panels, and the energy produced by those panels will be calculated into their monthly bill.
  • The average cost will be approximately $2 per month, per panel with the solar credit applied. This cost will be in addition to participating members’ current electric bills.
  • Each panel is expected to produce about 400 kilowatt–hours per year, but the output may be more or less in any given year, depending on weather conditions.

For more information, visit the Community Solar webpage.


EnviroWatts is a green power program that lets you support production of energy from renewable sources in Ohio. Green power sources come from Ohio’s electric cooperative members and include solar panels and bio-digesters that generate electricity from animal waste. New sources will be added to the program as they become available.

Members can support renewable energy by enrolling in the EnviroWatts program. The cost is $2 per 100 kilowatt-hour block and can be added to the monthly electric bill.

Will renewable energy be delivered directly to my home or business?
No. Renewable energy is generated and delivered to the Ohio cooperative’s power grid, but it doesn’t go to any specific home or business. By purchasing EnviroWatts, you are helping encourage the production of renewable energy by Ohio cooperative members.

Does renewable energy cost more than traditional electric power?
Yes. Energy produced from renewable sources is more expensive than energy from fossil fuels such as coal, oil, or natural gas. EnviroWatts’ block prices reflect the cost over and above that of conventional electricity.

To enroll in EnviroWatts, please send us a message here.

Solar Panel Project

In conjunction with Miami University, Buckeye Power and Third Sun, Butler Rural Electric Cooperative has developed a solar project to provide information to our members about this renewable resource. A 230 square-foot solar panel was erected behind the cooperative’s office and is connected to an inverter inside a storage barn. The panel powers the lights in the barn.

Click here to see real-time data from the solar panel. If you would like to see the solar panel project, contact the cooperative and we will be happy to give you a tour.

Wind Energy Project

In conjunction with Indian Lake High School, Buckeye Power, and Third Sun Solar and Wind Power, a wind turbine was installed at Indian Lake High School to research the potential of wind energy in Ohio. The 10 KW wind turbine was installed in 2006 with an installation cost of approximately $70,000.     

Click here to see real-time data from the wind turbine project.