Report an Outage


Log in to your SmartHub account to report an outage online. To report an outage through your smartphone or tablet, you can download the SmartHub app.

Never email outages.


You must have a SmartHub account to use this feature. To sign up for SmartHub, click here or download the free SmartHub app.

Make sure your cell phone number is listed as a Messenger contact in SmartHub. To do so, sign into your SmartHub account and select Notifications> Manage Contacts> Add Phone Contact. It will take up to 48 hours for a new phone number to be recognized by the outage notification system. If you need assistance registering or updating a cell phone number, call us at 513-867-4400.

If an outage occurs, text OUT to 855-940-3867, which is our outage texting number. You will receive a reply that the outage was reported successfully.

Please note: Two-way outage texting is not available for members with multiple Butler Rural Electric Cooperative accounts.


Call the cooperative's office at 513-867-4400 or 800-255-2732.

Outage Map

For the most up-to-date outage information, view our outage map here.