Surge Protection

Today's home appliances are extremely sensitive to changes in voltage, whether they happen suddenly or over time. The cooperative offers a surge protection device that safeguards your household appliances.

Meter Socket Adapter

The cooperative leases meter socket adapters (MSA) for $4.99 plus tax per month with an installation fee of $130. The MSA will prevent damage to most household appliances and electronic equipment.

Panel Surge Arrester

The cooperative sells and installs surge arresters for $400-750, depending on panel type. The Surge Arrester protects household appliances and household electronics (television, computer, etc.).

Currently, the cooperative is offering surge protection equipment by Tesco. Tesco MSA's and Surge Arrestors are backed by a ten year warranty. Click here for a list of items covered under the warranty for whole house surge arresters.

Contact the cooperative at 513-867-4400 or 800-255-2732 if you would like more information about surge protection in your home.