About Community Connection

Butler Rural Community Connection gives grants to local non-profit groups and organizations in portions of Butler, Montgomery, Preble and Hamilton counties.

Click here to view the 2021 Community Connection Annual Report.

Where do Community Connection funds come from?

Funds for the program come from cooperative members and employees who voluntarily contribute to Community Connection each month. Some members choose to allow their monthly electric bills to be rounded to the next dollar amount, and the extra change is allocated to Community Connection. Other members and employees choose to donate a specific amount each month, or give a one-time donation.

Who is eligible to apply for Community Connection funds?

Any non-profit group or organization located within Butler Rural Electric Cooperative's service territory is eligible to apply. Those who cannot apply for grants include political candidates and political parties. Organizations or groups who intend to use the grant money to pay their utility bills are not eligible to apply.


Questions about Community Connection can be directed to:

Lisa Staggs Herrmann, Director of Member and Community Relations