Front of Bill Example*

Bill Graphic

A summary of activity since your last statement.

  • Previous Balance: reflects any balance forward from the previous month.
  • Other Adjustments: if applicable- any fees, charges or deposits assessed since the last bill.
  • Payments Received: any payments received by Butler Rural Electric Cooperative by the date of this bill calculation.
  • Balance Forward: if your bill was not paid in full, this is the remaining balance due.
  • Distribution Base Charge: monthly charge that covers upkeep of our electrical system, such as lines, poles, meters and substations. It's everything it takes to bring electricity to you.
  • Distribution Energy Charge: a per kilowatt-hour charge that covers costs that are not recovered in the Distribution Base Charge, such as operational and regulatory costs.
  • Generation and Transmission Charge: a per kilowatt-hour charge that covers the cost of generation facilities including coal, natural gas, and renewable energy, environmental enhancements at the generation facilities, fuel for trains, trucks and barges to bring resources to the plants, and sending power over transmission lines to our distribution system. It’s the cost of power from Buckeye Power, our generation and transmission cooperative.
  • Credits: if applicable- a variety of credits may appear on your bill for participating in cooperative programs.
*For members enrolled in programs like Budget Billing or Net Billing or members on non-residential rates, your bill will look different than this typical residential bill. If you have additional questions, contact us.