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Affiliated Organizations

We have a vast network of cooperative resources available to us that provide a variety of services and benefits. Below are a few of the organizations that we are members of.

Touchstone Energy

Touchstone Energy is an alliance of more than 750 electric cooperatives in 46 states, delivering power and energy solutions to more than 32 million people. Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a Touchstone Energy Partner, abiding by the high standards of customer service and conducting its business according to the four core values: Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, and Commitment to the Community.

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National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), a national service organization for more than 900 not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives throughout the United States. NRECA provides essential services for our co-op on a national level. These include educational programs, retirement and insurance programs, energy research, public relations and legislative representation. NRECA is headquartered in Washington, DC.

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Ohio's Electric Cooperatives (Statewide Services)

All 24 of Ohio's distribution electric cooperatives, including Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc., are members of the statewide trade association of Ohio's Electric Cooperatives (OEC). Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. depends on OEC for services like loss control and safety training, lobbying, education, youth programs, and communications, including production of Ohio Cooperative Living magazine, the state's largest-circulation monthly magazine. The OEC office is located in Columbus, Ohio and shares space with Buckeye Power.

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Buckeye Power, Inc.

Buckeye Power, Inc. is a generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative that is jointly owned by Ohio’s 24 distribution electric cooperatives. Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc., one of these distribution cooperatives, purchases power from Buckeye Power, Inc. Buckeye Power owns two coal-fired generating units at the Cardinal Plant on the Ohio River near Brilliant, Ohio. It is also diversifying its generation mix by acquiring additional capacity from both traditional and alternative energy sources. In addition to providing Ohio’s cooperatives with power, Buckeye Power Inc. also provides marketing programs to educate members and help them save energy and money. Buckeye Power's office is located in Columbus, Ohio and shares space with Ohio's Electric Cooperative's Statewide Services.

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