Fiber Internet Availability

Teleworking. Telemedicine. Aging in place. Distance learning. Engaging young members. Rural economic development.

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative understands how critical it is to have access to high speed internet in today's world. We are in the beginning stages of researching ways to make high speed fiber internet available to members. We have met with several entities in the area to discuss methods to make this a reality.

Our first project is to get fiber to the cooperative’s substations for operational purposes. As we develop this project, we are looking for synergies which might be available to facilitate the expansion of fiber internet to members’ homes and businesses.

We are committed to living out our mission of improving the quality of life for our members and community. We will continue to work to ensure that everyone living on our lines has access to high speed internet.

Check back here for updates on our progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that there are government grants and other funds available for rural high speed internet projects?

Yes, we are aware of funds available and are looking into the requirements and details to see if they can be utilized for our project. As you may know, the cooperative currently works with the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and will continue to look for other opportunities to partner with them.

I saw contractors or a local internet company digging/replacing poles in my area. Is that related to this fiber project?

No, any current (or recent) digging or pole (re)placement is not related to the cooperative’s efforts.

What can I do to speed up the construction of fiber to my home?

Please check with your local internet providers to see what their plans are for your area.

Is fiber internet currently available for my home or business?

It could be! Please check with your local internet providers to see if it's already available.

Is the cooperative getting into the fiber internet business?

The cooperative has not committed to being a fiber internet provider. We are investigating the best ways to bring fiber internet to our membership.

What is your goal with the fiber project?

Our goal is to see that fiber internet is available and accessible to our members. It is part of the cooperative’s mission statement to improve the quality of life for our members and community.

Are you aware that cooperatives in other parts of Ohio and the country are also looking at or providing fiber internet?

Yes. While each cooperative has it's own unique goals and challenges, we continue to share resources and information and abide by the cooperative principle, "Cooperation Among Cooperatives". In the end, we are committed to doing what is best for our members and local community.