How to Become a Trustee

The governing body of the Cooperative is a nine-member board of trustees. The board meets monthly to decide policies, review Cooperative business and activities, and make decisions affecting the entire Cooperative. It also approves contracts, reviews operations and financial statements, and approves all patronage capital payments (capital credits).

The Cooperative's service territory is divided into nine districts so representation may be given to all geographic areas. Each district is represented by one board member. All trustees are members of the Cooperative and must reside in the district they represent. Trustees cannot be employed or financially interested in a competing business of selling electricity, or electrical supplies or appliances to the Cooperative itself or to its members. Each year, three board members are elected by and from the membership to serve a three-year term. There is no limit on the number of terms served by a board member.

"Trustee Interest Cards" are inserted in the June electric bills for everyone residing in the districts up for election. Members interested in running for the board are instructed to complete and return the card. The cooperative then mails these members an application to become a trustee, a Candidate Information Form, which is then completed and mailed back. The cooperative attorney gathers the completed Candidate Information Forms and passes them on to the Nominating Committee for consideration. The Nominating Committee meets to evaluate the applications and to make its selection of candidates.

If you would like additional information or a Candidate Information Form, please contact:

Lisa Staggs Herrmann, Director of Member and Community Relations
[email protected]