As a member of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, you can rest assured that your co-op team has the best interest of your family and community in mind. The services offered to our members help us run efficiently, maintain stable rates, and give back to the community. 

Here are a few reasons why your Butler Rural Electric Cooperative membership is valuable: 

  1. History of Stable Rates
    The cost of powering your home rises at a slower pace than many typical expenses, like medical care. Compared to the average increase of these expenses over the last five years, the value of electricity shines. Our recent rate increase resulted in a 2.7% average increase, which is significantly lower than the recent 10% increases from neighboring utilities.
  2. Focused on Power Reliability
    Our employees work around the clock to restore power when you need it most. We invest over $2 million every year in upgrades to our electric system and use the most effective power restoration technology, resulting in members having power 99.96% of the time.
  3. Clear and Helpful Communication
    Butler Rural Electric Cooperative’s partnership with altafiber will bring high-speed, reliable fiber internet service to all cooperative members. Our Self-Serve Phone Number allows members to quickly report power outages directly to our outage management system without experiencing busy signals. Plus, our friendly staff is always ready to help.

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative operates by the cooperative difference. As an electric cooperative, we are not driven by profits. Instead, we are service oriented, operate at cost, and remain focused on providing our members with power that is safe, reliable, and affordable.

Member satisfaction surveys will begin in April! If you receive a call or email asking you to take a survey on your satisfaction with being a member of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, rest assured it is legitimate and secure. We appreciate your time and feedback!